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Sept 09, 2019:
Dealing with people’s worries about increased immigration to New Brunswick (CBC – Information Morning)




Sept 08, 2019:
UNB Professor Gets Legacy Award For Work On Multiculturalism And Immigration (Huddle)




Aug. 27, 2019:
New growth strategy sets target of 7,500 newcomers a year (CBC)




Jun. 03, 2019:
New loan program offers to help newcomers get their credentials recognized (CBC)




Jun. 03, 2019:
New Program Helps Immigrant Nurse Do What She Was Trained To Do…Be A Nurse (Huddle)




Jun. 03, 2019:
New loan fund helps remove barriers to employment for skilled immigrants (CBC)




Jun. 03, 2019:
A new program aims to get foreign credentials recognized in Canada (CBC)




May 28, 2019:
‘It is harder than one expects to stay in New Brunswick’ (Telegraph Journal)




Apr. 02, 2019:
New Brunswick mayor extends welcome mat to Quebecers unhappy at new legislation (Global News)




Apr. 02, 2019:
New Brunswick mayor extends welcome mat to Quebecers unhappy at new legislation (National Post)




Apr. 02, 2019:
New Brunswick mayor extends welcome mat to Quebecers unhappy at new legislation (Halifax Today)




Apr. 02, 2019:
New Brunswick mayor extends welcome mat to Quebecers unhappy at new legislation (Globe and Mail)




Mar. 18, 2019:
Veillée pour les victimes des attentats de Christchurch à Moncton (Radio-Canada)




Mar. 11, 2019:
Newcomers boosting economy, new study shows (Miramichi Leader)




Mar. 09, 2019:
New group supports immigrant women vulnerable to domestic violence (CBC)




Mar. 07, 2019:
Report Says Newcomers Contribute $168 Million To Provincial Budget Each Year (CBC)




Mar. 07, 2019:
International Students and Workers Boosting NB’s Economy (CBC)




Mar. 07, 2019:
Accueil d’immigrants : le Nouveau-Brunswick doit accroître ses efforts, selon un intervenant (Radio-Canada)




Mar. 07, 2019:
Immigrants, international students are boosting provincial economy, report says (CBC)




Feb. 26, 2019:
Helping newcomers learn new skills (CBC)




Feb. 25, 2019:
‘I can do everything’: Employment program tries to empower newcomers (CBC)




Feb. 22, 2019:
Training program has helped at least 54 newcomers find jobs (CBC)




Jan. 28, 2019:
AIPP: A Love Story (Atlantic Business)




Jan. 15, 2019:
N.B. Businesses say immigration could ease labour shortage (Telegraph Journal)





Nov. 12, 2018:
Newcomer groups warn of suspicious email (Huddle)




Nov. 10, 2018:
Le N.-B. veut profiter de la baisse des seuils d’immigration du Québec – Le réveil / Nouveau-Brunswick (Huddle)




Dec. 09, 2018:
Le N.-B. veut profiter de la baisse des seuils d’immigration du Québec (Radio-Canada)




Nov. 15, 2018:
L’immigration est une plus-value pour la province (Acadie Nouvelle)





Nov. 12, 2018:
Report calls for big increase in immigration to New Brunswick as labour shortages rise (CIC News)




Nov. 08, 2018:
N.B. Needs 7,500 Immigrants A Year To Tackle Labour Shortages, Report Says (Huddle)




Nov. 07, 2018:
Report calls for big immigration spike (Telegraph Journal)




Nov. 06, 2018:
More immigrants only way to avoid demographic tsunami: report (Telegraph Journal)




Oct. 31, 2018:
Champions for Cultural Diversity honoured in Bathurst (Max 104.3)




May. 18, 2018:
Immigrant youth jobs project gets $1.8M (Telegraph Journal)




May. 15, 2018:
NB Economist Explains Why Immigration Is Important (The Tide)




May. 07, 2018:
Pénurie de travailleurs qualifiés défi majeur des entrepreneurs francophones (Acadie Nouvelle)




May. 01, 2018:
Immigration : les préjugés restent nombreux (TVA)




Apr. 30, 2018:
‘New Conversations’ opens immigration dialogue (The Northern Light)




Apr. 26, 2018:
Le Nouveau-Brunswick en 2030 (L’Étoile)




Apr. 25, 2018:
The ‘program saved us’: Miramichi employers share immigration success stories (Miramichi Leader)




Apr. 20, 2018:
‘New Conversations’ Event Highlights Immigration Experiences and Solutions in Moncton (Huddle)




Apr. 20, 2018:
Public forum to focus on immigration, the economy (Miramichi Leader)




Apr. 19, 2018:
Immigration sessions start ‘new conversations’ (Times & Transcript)




Apr. 18, 2018:
L’immigration présentée comme la solution au vieillissement de la population (Radio-Canada)




Apr. 17, 2018:
Richard Saillant: Why New Brunswick needs more immigrants (Telegraph Journal)




Apr. 16, 2018:
Une tournée de sensibilisation à l’importance de l’immigration pour l’économie au N.-B. (Radio-Canada)




Apr. 16, 2018:
Busting the anti-immigrant bias (Telegraph Journal)




Apr. 16, 2018:
Multicultural Council Hosts Province-Wide Conversations About Immigration (Telegraph Journal)




Jan. 30, 2018:
Helping young immigrants make New Brunswick their home (CBC – Shift)





Jan. 24, 2018:
Imagine NB is challenging immigrant youth to make their communities better (Wicked Ideas)




Jan. 11, 2018:
New Brunswick’s Syrian Refugees: Where Are They Now? (Brunswickan)





Dec. 10, 2017:
‘It’s been amazing!’: Teaching newcomers to be leaders (Telegraph Journal)




Dec. 08, 2017:
Young immigrants get help becoming New Brunswick leaders (CBC)




Dec. 08, 2017:
Alex Leblanc – Newcomer Leadership (CBC – Information Morning)




Nov. 25, 2017:
Immigration pilot program aims to draw newcomers to Atlantic Canada (Toronto Star)




Nov. 01, 2017:
Feds vow to boost Atlantic immigration, fill vacant jobs (Telegraph Journal)




Oct. 26, 2017:
If province wants immigrants, it has to take big steps, advocate says (CBC)




Oct. 25, 2017:
Immigration to N.B. booms, and not just refugees (Telegraph Journal)




Oct. 17, 2017:
The benefits of immigration (CBC – Shift NB)




Oct. 17, 2017:
‘It’s about integration’: N.B. consults experts on immigration plan (Telegraph Journal)




Aug. 12, 2017:
The Right Reasons S01 E04 (Bell Aliant TV1)




July 24, 2017:
Young immigrants inspired to become future leaders in the province (CBC)





Jun. 15, 2017:
Give cities bigger role in immigration, N.B. advocate tells MPs (CBC)




Jun. 14, 2017:
Ottawa called on to give cities opportunity to select own immigrants (Telegraph Journal)




Jun. 09, 2017:
New ‘social’ lab focuses on retaining and attracting immigrants in N.B. (CBC)




Jun. 09, 2017:
New ‘social lab’ for economic immigration (CBC – Shift)





Jun. 08, 2017:
McKenna: ‘Chronic shortage of willing workers’ (Telegraph Journal)





May. 24, 2017:
Helping immigrants upgrade their credentials (CBC – Information Morning – Moncton)





May. 24, 2017:
Alex Leblanc – Credential Help (CBC – Information Morning – Fredericton)





May. 24, 2017:
A new program is helping more immigrants in New Brunswick get their professional credentials recognized in the province and the country (Huddle)





May. 23, 2017:
Plus d’aide pour les immigrants qui veulent leurs équivalences professionnelles (Radio-Canada)





May. 23, 2017:
N.B. Multicultural Council launches loan program for immigrants working outside previous profession (Global News)

immigrationloan3 (1)




May. 23, 2017:
Syrian refugee: I just want to work in Canada (Telegraph Journal)

careerpathway loan




May. 19, 2017:
Loan program to help immigrants get accredited in Canada (Telegraph Journal)





Apr. 25, 2017:
Despite struggles, many Syrian refugees’ businesses are gaining traction (Globe and Mail)


Mar. 15, 2017:

Vague survey ‘plays with fire,’ says president of New Brunswick Multicultural Council (CBC)




Mar. 14, 2017:
Electoral reform report renews interest in letting permanent residents vote (CBC)




Feb. 22, 2017:
Fredericton open to becoming a ‘sanctuary city’ for asylum seekers: Mayor (Global News)





Feb. 17, 2017:
Experts share mental health strategies to help refugees (Telegraph Journal)




Feb. 16, 2017:
Tisser des liens (Radio-Canada)





Feb. 01, 2017:
After Quebec City shootings, Fredericton residents help raise money for mosque (CBC)


Jan. 31, 2017:

Donations pour in for new mosque in show of support after Quebec attack (Telegraph Journal)





Jan. 31, 2017:
Trump Ban (CBC – Information Morning – Fredericton)





Jan. 29, 2017:
Trump ban sends shock waves through N.B (Telegraph Journal)





Jan. 23, 2017:
New Miramichi immigration strategy lauded by stakeholders
(Telegraph Journal)




Jan. 09, 2017:
Droit de vote aux résidents permanents: «C’est possible», même sans Ottawa (Acadie Nouvelle)



Jan. 01, 2017:
Crucial juncture (Vice News Canada)





Dec. 15, 2016:
A milestone looms for Canada’s Syrian refugees: ‘Month 13’ (Maclean’s)





Dec. 15, 2016:
‘We are under pressure now’: Syrians search for jobs (CBC)





Dec. 13, 2016:
‘They are survivors’: Privately sponsored refugees adjust to new lives (CBC)





Dec. 08, 2016:
Syrian newcomers agree language training is key to finding work (CBC)





Dec. 07, 2016:
Efforts underway to collect donations for expected Syrian refugees (CTV)





Dec. 06, 2016:
The Syrian refugee numbers are in: See how many NB newcomers speak English or French (Telegraph Journal)





Dec. 06, 2016:
Alex LeBlanc – Syrians (CBC – Information Morning – Fredericton)





Dec. 06, 2016:
Alex LeBlanc – Syrian refugees (CBC – Information Morning – Moncton)





Nov. 22, 2016:
Un nouveau programme d’immigration basé sur les besoins des employeurs (Acadie Nouvelle)





Nov. 21, 2016:
Atlantic Ballet wins cultural diversity award (Telegraph Journal)





Nov. 18, 2016:
Un projet pilote mobilisateur en immigration dès le début de 2017 au Nouveau-Brunswick (Radio-Canada)

province stands to benefit




Nov. 17, 2016:
Province stands to benefit from new Atlantic immigration program (Telegraph Journal)

finding jobs at higher rates




Oct. 19, 2016:
New Brunswick’s Syrian refugees finding jobs at a higher rate than national averages (Telegraph Journal)





Oct. 15, 2016:
New Brunswick government looks to boost refugee employment (CTV)

leaving war behind




Oct. 04, 2016
Leaving war behind isn’t the end of the struggle (Telegraph Journal)





Sept. 26, 2016:
NouLAB Sets Up to Launch Next Academy for Social Change (Huddle)





Sept. 15, 2016:
Multicultural Council president not worried over Syrian refugees leaving New Brunswick (Global News)

integrate syrians




Sept. 14, 2016:
New Brunswick must integrate Syrians or risk departures, group says (CBC)





Sept. 14, 2016:
Syrians Adjusting (CBC – Information Morning)





July 30, 2016:
74 Syrians have already found jobs in N.B. (CBC)





July 28, 2016
Syrian Jobs (CBC – Information Morning – Fredericton)





July 21, 2016:
Immigration Pilot project to help Increase NB Workforce (Global News)





Jun. 8, 2016:
Multiculturalism (CBC – Information Morning – Fredericton)

celtic affairs




Jun. 7, 2016:
Critics scoff as New Brunswick premier appoints minister of ‘Celtic Affairs’  (National Post)

celtic affairs CTV




Jun. 6, 2016:
Critics scoff as N.B. premier appoints first minister of ‘Celtic Affairs’ (CTV)





Jun. 6, 2016:
Critics scoff as New Brunswick appoints first Minister of Celtic Affairs (Globe and Mail)





Apr. 14, 2016:
Computers distributed to Syrians across New Brunswick (Telegraph Journal)





Mar. 20, 2016:
Volunteers continue to donate, help Syrian refugees  (CBC)





Mar. 19, 2016:
N.B. holds province-wide clothing drive for Syrian refugees  (CTV)





Mar. 17, 2016:
Syrian children to receive bikes, car seats and strollers from locals (Telegraph Journal)





Mar. 16, 2016:
Forum sur l’immigration en Acadie (Radio-Canada)





Mar. 16, 2016:
Cities overcoming challenges in settling Syrian refugees (CBC)

restore hope




Mar. 14, 2016:
Restore Hope supply drive to benefit newcomers and New Brunswickers (Telegraph Journal)

restore hope - trnt




Mar. 08, 2016:
Refugee situation should lead to examination of available housing (Telegraph Journal)





Mar. 07, 2016:
Refugee Housing (CBC – Information Morning – Fredericton)





Mar. 01, 2016:
Maritime provinces lead the way in resettling Syrian refugees per capita (CBC)





Jan. 28, 2016:
Moncton’s Fancy Pokket gives free bread to Syrian refugees (CBC)

fancy pokket




Jan. 27, 2016:
Des pains pita pour chaque réfugié syrien du Nouveau-Brunswick (Radio-Canada)

hope restored




Jan. 27, 2016:
Syrian refugees greeted with video pointing out province’s virtues (CBC)





Jan. 26, 2016:
Virtual tour created for Syrian refugees arriving in N.B. (CTV)





Jan. 15, 2016:
List of New Brunswick communities settling Syrian refugees could expand (Telegraph Journal)





Jan. 15, 2016:
Multicultural groups welcome Syrian refugees (CTV)





Jan. 14, 2016:
Réfugiés syriens: le point sur la situation vendredi (Acadie Nouvelle)





Jan. 12, 2016:
Language turning out to be key hurdle in welcoming Syrian refugees (CBC)

mcinnis cooper




Jan. 11, 2016:
McInnes Cooper Partners with NBMC to Provide Legal Services to Refugees  (Huddle)





Jan. 08, 2016:
Syrian refugees embracing a new home in New Brunswick (Telegraph Journal)





Jan. 07, 2016:
Column by founding President of NBMC, Constantine Passaris- Syrians will become population, economic drivers  (Telegraph Journal)

maritime connection




Jan. 03, 2016:

Syrian refugees are now calling the Maritimes home, but for how long? (CBC – Maritime Connection)







Dec. 30, 2015:
Welcome Mat out for Syrian Refugees  (CBC – Information Morning – Fredericton)

value village




Dec. 29, 2015:
Clothes, household goods donated for Syrian refugees  (CBC)





Dec. 04, 2015:
Multicultural Council offers info on helping Syrian Refugees (CBC)





Nov. 25, 2015:
Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton prepare for Syrian refugees (CBC)





Nov. 20, 2015:
NBMC wants to change narrative on Refugees (Telegraph Journal)

immigrant women




Sept. 28, 2015:
Violence against immigrant women to be the focus of N.B. study (Global News)





Sept. 10, 2015:
Welcoming refugees could grow shrinking communities: N.B. leaders (CTV)





Sept. 09, 2015:
NB Multicultural Council says allowing more immigrants will boost economy, workforce (Global News)





Aug. 26, 2015:
Cities push for permanent residents to be given vote (CBC)





Aug. 26, 2015:
Immigration (CBC – Information Morning – Fredericton)





Aug. 25, 2015:
New Brunswick Multicultural Council launches new strategy to attract immigrants (Global News)





Aug. 25, 2015:
New logo, attitude unveiled for New Brunswick Multicultural Council (Telegraph Journal)