Call for Expressions of Interest or Nominations for the Forum for Immigrant and Newcomer Women in New Brunswick

As part of our project, “A Coordinated Community Response to Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence Experienced by Immigrant Women in New Brunswick”, one of our objectives is to pull together a Forum of immigrant and newcomer women. In the short term, and for the duration of the project, this group is expected to share their perspectives throughout the developments of the project, which will be especially important when we look at the actions and strategies moving forward to ensure that they are effective and supported by the communities the project seeks to serve. Over the long term, the goal is for this Forum to provide a province-wide space for immigrant women to come together and discuss issues and support initiatives that are important to them, to have a platform to advocate for their self-determined priorities. The project team and the NBMC, along with the Forum, will help support the development of the Forum, identify sources of funding and work towards a sustainability plan for its space beyond the project’s duration.


Please see the Terms of Reference for the Forum for Immigrant and Newcomer Women in New Brunswick. You will find at the end of a document an Expression of Interest Form as well as a Nomination Form. You may refer to P.4 of the Terms of Reference to see our criteria – we are seeking a very diverse group and remain open to all immigration pathways (including duration of time in Canada). No prior or specific experience or education is required.


The deadline to submit your Expression of Interest or Nomination Forms is Friday June 17, 2016.