Apply Now

Application Checklist:

  • Consent and Release Form
  • Career Pathway Loan Application Form
  • Credit Check Consent Form
  • 2 pieces of identification (copy of Passport, driver’s license, SIN, Canadian Government issued Identification Documents)
  • Copy of documentation stating current immigration status (permanent resident card, Canadian citizen, etc.)
  • Resume (include home country and Canadian education and work experience)
  • Copies of translated educational certificates or assessment of credentials (if not already in English or French)
  • Letter of intent
  • Letter of acceptance into the program for which you will use the loan
  •  Employment letter, if applicable
  • Most recent documentation showing level of English or French (if available). Not required if English or French is your mother tongue.
  • Proof of income, if employed (e.g., pay stub, EI information, income support documents from partner if partner is employed, etc.)

Please include all of the above documents as we are not able to accept incomplete applications.

When everything is compiled send all forms to