Restore Hope

Let’s work together to #RestoreHope for Syrian Refugees


The New Brunswick Multicultural Council and its member agencies across the province are building a coordinated response to the resettlement efforts of Syrian refugees destined for New Brunswick. However, the generous offers of support from individuals are crucial to achieving our mission. Let’s work together to #RestoreHope for Syrian refugees in New Brunswick.

These online forms will help us manage the interest of support from individuals across the province and enable us to have more effective communication with those interested in helping with refugee resettlement efforts. Please read more below to find out how you can help.

#RestoreHope: Visit our online petition to add your name to over 1,000 New Brunswickers offering a welcoming message to Syrian refugees. Help us grow this list to 5,000 signatures with your welcoming words!

Get Informed

The New Brunswick Multicultural Council and its member agencies strive to provide helpful and pertinent information on the Syrian refugee resettlement efforts. Please browse through the information below to find useful links, events and resources.


Adjusting to a new country and a different way of life is not easy. By contributing to community inclusion, volunteers and support are essential in our refugee resettlement efforts in New Brunswick. Learn more on how you can lend a helping hand.

Offer Housing

Having a roof over your head is crucial to living a stable and productive life. If you have affordable housing options to offer, please fill out the form below. The information you provide will be used by resettlement agencies across the province. By offering housing, you are playing a vital role in the integration of Syrian refugees in our communities.

Offer Employment and Employment Support

Having a meaningful employment and economic independence are crucial to helping refugees rebuild their lives. Working age refugees will want to work as soon as possible. We are asking employers throughout New Brunswick to notify us about possible employment opportunities. This will help us to suitable match individuals with jobs, once they are ready to start working.


Through the generous support of individuals, donations play a vital role in the refugee resettlement efforts across the province. Both financial and in-kind donations help alleviate necessary resources to ensure that each individual is equipped with life’s essentials to start the next chapter of their life in New Brunswick. Learn more about where donations are accepted near you.

Private Refugee Sponsorship Registry

To help coordinate resources and access to services, we are asking all private refugee sponsors to register here – whether through Group of Fives, Constituent Groups, Community Groups, Blended Visa Office-Referred Program (BVOR) or other. This database will serve as a key coordination tool and resource to connect with you, send updates and plan for allocation of resources.