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Overview of the situation

As Syria enters into its fifth year of civil war, almost 12 million people – or half the country’s population – have been displaced, including 7 million homeless in Syria and 4 million refugees outside the country who left everything behind and who have little hope of returning to Syria safely.

Of these 12 million displaced, half are children. These children have been traumatized by the war, unable to go to school, forced to flee, and live in unstable and appalling conditions. Every day, hundreds of children go hungry, and with winter arriving quickly, their situation grows worse.

Neighbouring countries are strained and struggle to meet the demands placed on them by the sudden and large influx of refugees. As of May 2015, there were almost 4 million registered Syrian refugees in the region, including 1.7 million in Turkey, 1.1 million in Lebanon and 600,000 in Jordan. And conditions continue to deteriorate. This is not a Syrian issue, this is a global issue.

Canadians can play a vital role in helping alleviate some of the suffering and in preventing a global catastrophe. Several Canadian organizations are active on the ground, delivering life-saving humanitarian assistance and the Government of Canada’s plan to accept 25,000 refugees by February 2016 is a welcome addition to relief efforts. Every individual we can resettle is one step closer to a resolution. Refugee resettlement offers a new life and hope to the most vulnerable, lessens the burden on neighbouring host countries, and contributes to international efforts to resolve Syria’s crisis.

Several hundred refugees are expected to be resettled in New Brunswick in the coming weeks. The New Brunswick Multicultural Council and its member agencies will play a leading role in ensuring a warm welcome for these individuals, but this is a province-wide effort. Every action and exchange helps! Click here to find out how you can help.

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