Refugee Resettlement Support

With the federal government’s efforts in welcoming 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada, the Government of New Brunswick is in line to welcome up to 1,500 refugees.

New Brunswick has a history of helping refugees. The Government of New Brunswick believes it is the right thing to do and wants to give the refugees a safe place to call home. #RestoreHope

Refugee Resettlement:

There are essentially two ways for refugees to be resettled in Canada:

  1. As government-assisted refugees, through the federal Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP).
  2. As privately-sponsored refugees, supported fully or partly by a community group. Within the private sponsorship program, there are various streams or programs through which a group may provide sponsorship.

Identifying and approving refugees for resettlement in Canada is solely the responsibility of the federal government. Once refugees are identified and invited to resettle in Canada, there are many ways that you can become involved at a provincial, community and personal level.

Refugees seeking information on family sponsorship and reunification options:

Many members of the Syrian community in Canada want to sponsor family members to come to Canada, but not all have the financial means. At the same time, many Canadians want to sponsor a refugee, but do not know a specific refugee to sponsor.

If you are a Syrian Canadian or Permanent Resident, you can provide the information about any Syrian family member to facilitate the reunification process (note: each family member will need to be entered separately).

You can fill out a form here to provide information on your family.

You may find more information on settlement and reunification options here.

Regional resettlement agencies in New Brunswick:

More information: