Imagine NB Application Package

Step 1: Read the application process (below)
Step 2: Complete Checklist
Step 3: Send your complete application to program manager Arianne Melara (

Application Process

  1. Complete either
    – The PDF Application Form and send to
    – The online Application Form
  2. Submit your Candidate Profile

Your Candidate Profile is the personalized component of the application process. Here you have the opportunity to show us your creativity, interests, passions, skills, and have fun! The Candidate Profile component has 2 tasks:

  • Tell us about yourself and about a topic you care about (from food, sports, hobbies, literally anything… tell us what makes you, YOU!). You decide how you want to show us who you are: an artwork, a portfolio, a poem, a cool video (3mins max) or an up-beat catchy song, get creative!
  • Answer the following question in written form (English or French, 500 words max): Why do you think you should be selected as an Imagine NB delegate?
  1. 2 Reference letters sent to:
    1. 1 Personal
    2. 1 Other (teacher, principal, community member)

Total estimated time commitment: 45 days over a period of 20 months (Ocotber 2017 to June 2018 for Year 1, summer 2018 component, and September 2018 to June 2019 for Year 2).

Selection Day

As a final stage of the application process, a short list of delegates will be developed for a judge committee to review. This judge committee is comprised by distinct leaders in New Brunswick.

Please note that this is a mandatory component of the selection process and as such, the shortlisted candidates must attend this session.

Shortlisted candidates will be notified via email in early August 2017 of their shortlist selection. They will be provided further details for the mandatory selection day in which the final Imagine NB Delegation will be determined.

The Selection Day will include a variety of networking and team building activities, elevator pitches, 15-minute in-person interviews, and professional development workshops. Although this is a day of fun and interactive activities, the ultimate goal is to allow the judges to assess and select the final Imagine NB Delegates.