Examples of Qualities for an Ideal Imagine NB Delegate

You are creative!

You love to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas. You want to expose yourself to new experiences, new cultures, new languages, and states of mind. You question the nature of things and engage in thinking how to improve them.

Relationship builder

You have a desire to get out there and make a difference to positively impact others around you. You are passionate about being involved around school and your broader community to form long lasting relationships and friendships.

Collaborative Spirit

You are a team player! You model and inspire team work, support and unity. You understand that everyone has their own opinion and encourage everyone to share their voice. You help to foster a space where other individuals feel respected, listened to, and included.

Change Maker

You have demonstrated initiative in driving change or responding to change either in your extracurricular club, classrooms, student council, community project. You recognize situations or needs in your community and have potential to respond to them and to think about how they can impact your career, family members, and others.

Global Citizen

You are aware of the world around you and the issues that face it. You take advantage of opportunities presented to you to grow and develop as a young global citizen with peers from different walks of life.

Critical Thinker

You think critically about topics by actively listening, participating, and communicating your ideas and opinions to others.