What will Imagine NB Youth Delegates do in the program?
  • Throughout the 20-month program, the Imagine NB Youth Delegation will come together to receive mentorship support from established leaders in various communities throughout the province, engage in workshops to explore social issues, build 21st century transferrable skills, discover their potential, and create a community project. Imagine NB Delegates will complete the program feeling connected to their communities in New Brunswick and equipped to contribute to the economic and social advancement of the province while developing their sense of purpose, gaining leadership skills and a culturally diverse network.
  • Each retreat will have a series of activities and professional development workshops in the areas of theme exploration, team work, skill development, education and inspiration.
Who will be with Imagine NB Youth Delegates?
    • Imagine NB’s programming activities will involve travelling across the province of New Brunswick with youth chaperones and NBMC staff members for each site. The activities carried through 2-3 day retreats will also require Imagine NB delegates to stay overnight at accommodations prearranged by the program manager (i.e. hotels).
    • Imagine NB Youth Delegates will be accompanied by the program manager (Arianne) and Youth Chaperones at all times

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