Program Overview

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Imagine NB is an intensive, bilingual, intercultural leadership accelerator to support the ideas, talents and passions of immigrant youth. It seeks to carve the path towards a more inclusive New Brunswick, by enabling youth from around the globe to take their leadership to the next level, and play key roles in the future of the province.

To achieve this, we bring together a culturally, linguistically, and ethnically diverse group of high school youth who have demonstrated leadership potential within their schools and larger communities. Through Imagine NB’s intensive and experiential leadership training, they learn the core skills needed to develop themselves into the leaders of tomorrow.

Driving the Change

Youth want to imagine New Brunswick in a whole new way. They want to see visible minorities in leadership positions, they want to make a real difference, they want equal access to opportunities ,they want community connections and networks, they want to end discrimination, racism, and bullying. Imagine NB creates fresh opportunities to enable youth to be the change they want to see.

Central Pillars

The program is built on three central pillars:

Youth Empowerment: We tap into the leadership potential of youth, helping to build their confidence and their capacity to make a difference.

Youth Inclusion: We provide a space where the voices and perspectives of underrepresented youth can be truly heard. We aim to drive these voices on a path to leadership and change for the province of New Brunswick.

Youth Retention: Through fostering a sense of belonging and connection to New Brunswick, we inspire the participants to stay here and excel in their communities.