Multicultural Council sets new agenda for New Brunswick

FREDERICTON- The New Brunswick Multicultural Council (NBMC) has launched a new logo to communicate a new vision: a province where cultural inclusion is a way of life. NBMC, along with member organizations, federal and provincial government partners, and community stakeholders are running with that vision and writing a new story; one of growing communities, growing the economy and making New Brunswick a destination of choice for newcomers to Canada.

“We are ecstatic about the deep renewal our organization has experienced after a year of extensive member engagement, consultations and strategic planning,” said Alex LeBlanc, Managing Director of NBMC.

“A lot of work went into finding a symbol that speaks to fostering cultural diversity in New Brunswick. Our goal is to make New Brunswick a destination of choice for immigrants.”

“With approximately 4% of residents in New Brunswick being immigrants, compared to almost 22% in the rest of Canada, we have some catching up to do, but the community support is there to make it happen.”

NBMC invited members of the community to join in celebrating the renewal and new vision of “a province where cultural inclusion is a way of life”, and to hear more about the new strategic direction.

NBMC President and founder and president of the Fancy Pokket Corporation, Mike Timani, gave a speech prior to the logo unveiling, remarking that “while increasing immigration is key, it is only part of the solution. We also have to ensure that newcomers have access to the proper supports when they arrive, so that they can successfully establish new businesses, integrate in the workforce and become fully included in their community. This will require efforts from our immigrant settlement agencies, various government departments, local communities and employers.”

NBMC will be hosting Growing Together: Towards a Vision of Multiculturalism in New Brunswick, a two day symposium on September 9th and 10th at the Crowne Plaza in Fredericton. The Growing Together Symposium will bring together local experts such as Jean Louis Roy, John McLaughlin and Graydon Nicholas, to talk about key opportunities for immigration and multiculturalism. Key note speaker Karl Dean, the mayor of Nashville, will talk about how their city more than tripled their immigrant population over ten years, and how they are making it work for their communities.

The New Brunswick Multicultural Council Inc (NBMC) is a bilingual, not-for-profit, umbrella, organization committed to supporting immigrant-serving agencies, and multicultural and ethno-cultural associations in the province. Since 1983, NBMC has facilitated member, government and community efforts to make New Brunswick the province of choice for both newcomers and residents, through enhancing the economic, social and cultural value of diversity.