Newcomers wishing to study, work or reside in New Brunswick, are often faced with problems of adaptation to the regulations, usually different from those they have known in their countries of origin. Among the challenges they face include: language, employability, education system, laws and research resources everyday.

They all need a lot of information on the province of New Brunswick: provincial and international boundaries, temperatures in different seasons, people, business opportunities and jobs, curricula and training institutions, the health system, the banking system housing, the media, etc.

These are questions that our members are working to respond by providing material and logistical support to newcomers, making a system of targeted mentoring.

Multilingual Resources


Medicare Form – (English | French | Arabic)

Health Telecare – (English/French/Arabic)

Routine Immunization Schedule – (English | French | Arabic)

Head Lice – (Arabic)

Service NB (Public Services)

Department of Social Development Consent Form – (English & Arabic)

General Information for Syrians contemplating getting NB drivers license – (English | French | Arabic)

Renting in New Brunswick (English presentation with Arabic narration) – YouTube

Renting in New Brunswick (English) – YouTube

Residential Tenancies – Dropbox Link – (English, French & Arabic)


Community Resources

Spotting Fraud – (English | French | Arabic)

Support Services for Abused Women – (English | French | Arabic)

Library Brochure – (English & Arabic | French & Arabic)

New Brunswick Ritual Slaughtering Position (English | French | Arabic)

Information for communities who wish to obtain Halal or Kosher meats in New Brunswick (English | French | Arabic)

KidSport Application – (English | French | Arabic)

Fredericton Transit Schedule – (English & Arabic)

Tour of Fredericton in Arabic – YouTube