Newcomers and Immigrants to Canada

Newcomers and Immigrants to Canada

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Located on Canada’s east coast along the Atlantic Ocean, the picturesque province of New Brunswick offers a distinct quality of life, a special place for individuals and families alike to grow, and exciting career opportunities for newcomers.

Prospective immigrants can apply through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP). The program helps immigrants come to New Brunswick more quickly. As an economic immigration program, the NBPNP values the experiences and skills of immigrants. The program is designed to select and nominate qualified business people and skilled workers from around the world who will live in New Brunswick and contribute to the local economy. For individuals interested in learning more about the NBPNP and immigrating to New Brunswick, please follow this link.

To find eligibility, forms, fees and processing times for immigration programs in order to come to Canada permanently, please click here.


New Brunswick’s dozens of world-class universities and colleges are well-known for their expertise, research and instruction in fields such as engineering, computer science, forestry, arts, nursing, biology, law, technology, translation, music, criminology, and social work. Bilingual instruction provides another invaluable asset for post-secondary and post-graduate students in both French and English.

New Brunswick’s education system offers a life-long learning experience for every student. Click here for more information on post-secondary education establishments, work during or after your studies, apprenticeships and school options for your children.

To apply to study in Canada, extend your study permit and get information about working while you study or after you graduate, please click here.


Immigrants in New Brunswick will find a wide range of career opportunities, workplace environments, benefits and job-finding resources waiting for you in New Brunswick. Those interested in working in New Brunswick or extending their work visa, and to find key information on job opportunities and trends, language training, foreign qualification recognition and other support services, please click here.

Want to start a business? In New Brunswick, we value innovation, resourcefulness and the entrepreneurial spirit. We welcome newcomers and their families, and we recognize the opportunities newcomers bring to our province. More information on setting up a business in New Brunswick, investment opportunities support programs, guides and resources, follow this link.

Find more information on work permits, visa requirements, and preparing yourself for work in Canada here.




Canadians are very proud of their citizenship and the values, freedoms and rights that it provides. Canada recognizes the cultural heritage and potential of all Canadians. We encourage everyone to be part of Canada’s social, cultural, economic and political affairs.

Are you looking to become a Canadian Citizen? To apply for Canadian citizenship, and for more information to help you prepare for the citizenship test and find out how you can resume or give up your citizenship, please click here.



 Refugee system in Canada

Canada resettles refugees to save lives and to provide stability to those fleeing persecution who have no hope of relief. Canada’s resettlement programs are respected internationally because they provide permanent residence as a long term solution.

The Canadian refugee system has two main parts:
the Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program, for people seeking protection from outside Canada; and
the In-Canada Asylum Program for people making refugee protection claims from within Canada.

For more information, please follow this link.



There are three ways that refugees are resettled to Canada:

  • Government-Assisted Refugees (GARs)
    • These are Convention refugees whose initial settlement (for up to one year) is entirely supported by the Government of Canada or by the province of Quebec.
    • They are referred to Canada for resettlement by a referral organization like the UNHCR.
  • Privately sponsored refugees (PSRs)
    • These are refugees who meet either the Convention refugee or the Country of Asylum definitions.
    • They are referred for resettlement by a private sponsor in Canada who agrees to provide financial and other support for the refugee for one year.
  • Blended Visa Office-Referred refugees (BVORs)
    • These are Convention refugees referred by the UNHCR who are matched with a private sponsor in Canada.
    • The Government of Canada provides up to six months of income support through the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP), while private sponsors provide another six months of financial support and up to a year of social and emotional support.

Identifying and approving refugees for resettlement in Canada is solely the responsibility of the federal government. Once refugees are identified and invited to resettle in Canada, there are many ways that you can become involved at a provincial, community and personal level.

To apply as a Convention Refugee or as a Humanitarian—Protected Person Abroad, please follow this link.



The asylum program works to provide refugee protection to people in Canada who have a well-founded fear of persecution or are at risk of torture, or cruel or unusual punishment in their home countries.

Not everyone is eligible to seek asylum. For example, people convicted of serious criminal offences and people who have had previous refugee claims denied by Canada are not eligible to make a claim.

To determine your eligibility to claim refugee protection inside Canada, please follow this link.

For information on support services inside Canada available for refugee claimants, please follow this link.



Many newcomers to Canada want to sponsor family members to come to Canada, but not all have the financial means. At the same time, many Canadians want to sponsor a refugee, but do not know a specific refugee to sponsor. The family reunification program seeks to bridge that gap. For more information on refugee sponsorship and family reunification through sponsorship, please follow this link.

Syrian Family Links Initiative: Connecting Syrian family members with sponsors

If you are a member of the Syrian community in Canada and a Permanent Resident, you can provide the information about any family member you wish to be reunited with to facilitate the reunification process (note: each family member will need to be entered separately).

You can fill out a form here to provide information on your family.

You may find more information on the Syrian Family Links Initiative here.