Pro Bono Legal Services

In January 2016, McInnes Cooper signed an agreement with NBMC to assist newcomers to Canada who experience financial or social barriers to accessing legal services. While remaining open to other areas of law in which McInnes Cooper has expertise, the focus of this partnership is on business law, employment law and guardianship matters.

By making legal services more accessible, this partnership will help new immigrants to our region integrate and achieve success.

Under the Pro Bono Program, McInnes Cooper may provide legal counsel to qualified NBMC clients in the following areas:

a) Matters related to the establishment of a business, including:

  • advice on alternate forms of business organization;
  • completion of required documents to establish a business organization;
  • review of commercial leases;
  • advice on labour standards and employment law issues;
  • tax planning and compliance;

b) Guardianship or equivalency of guardianship;

c) Other areas considered on a case-by-case basis.

NOTE: The firm is unable to assist with criminal or matrimonial matters. They are also unable to assist with matters for which Legal Aid Services are available.

If you are a newcomer and would like to receive this service, please contact your local multicultural association.