Skills Launch

The Skills Launch program is designed to help immigrant youth explore their career options, gain local work experience and understand the Canadian work environment. This program will help immigrant youth make steps toward their career dreams.

Participant Goals:

  • The participants will learn about various occupations/jobs
  • Discover their personal goals and skills and work on their wellness
  • Get Health and Safety training (e.g. Emergency First Aid/CPR)
  • Complete job search techniques and interview skills
  • Learn about the Canadian workplace culture
  • Complete a 24-week, paid work experience/internship

More Info:

  • The program will increase the participants’ confidence in their skills and abilities
  • The participants will have the opportunity to show an employer their skills and work ethic
  • Provide the participants with 6-months of Canadian work experience and mentorship
  • Provide the participants with local references
  • There will be the possibility of full-time employment
More Program Information


Project Manager


Abby David


Phone: (506) 453-1091 Ext. 227



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